Mils Muliaina charges dropped

All charges that were bought against rugby player Mils Muliaina by the South Wales Police have been withdrawn.

Having reviewed the evidence, the Crown Prosecution Service decided there was insufficient evidence to put Mils Muliaina on trial and today withdrew the charge of sexual assault. The withdrawal of the charge vindicates Mils Muliaina of any wrongdoing.

Earlier this year, a female laid a complaint with Police that someone had touched her bottom while she was dancing. Police subsequently arrested Muliaina at the Kingsholm Stadium, Gloucester on Friday April 3 following the conclusion of his rugby match.

The incident was in full view of live television cameras and beamed around the world. Mils cooperated fully with Police and was held in custody for a period of 24 hours before being interviewed. No charges were laid at that stage and he was released on the basis that he returned in July.

Mr Muliaina has always denied any wronging doing in this matter and the decision to withdraw the case throws into question the decision to charge Muliaina in the first place.

Speaking from Cardiff, Muliaina said “I always knew I had nothing to hide, I had done nothing wrong. However, being unable to comment publicly has been incredibly frustrating. While I understand the police have a job to do, the manner of my arrest and the subsequent outcome of their investigation remains difficult to understand. It has been an extremely tough seven months.

“When I heard that the charges were to be withdrawn, my immediate thoughts were with my son. He should never have been through what he has been through. Now I just want to put this behind us and carry on with life.”

“I want to thank my good friends, my lawyer Matthew de Maid, my family, my club and to be honest, all the strangers who reached out to me even though they never knew me. Their comments and support meant a lot.
Mils’ New Zealand based agent, Simon Porter of the Essentially Group said “I could not be happier for Mils and those closest to him.

“Of course the police must investigate any allegation and no one is above the law. However, as a lawyer, I have found it difficult to reconcile the manner of his arrest with the presumption of innocence. 

It was simply unnecessary to drag him off a rugby pitch under intense global media scrutiny. Unfortunately, it was a demonstration of police grandstanding at its worst.

“Mils is an outstanding individual and his patience and willingness to cooperate with the Cardiff police over the last seven months is testament to this.

“I always knew this day would come. Throughout the ordeal Mils has always held his head high and maintained his dignity. Now hopefully Mils, his family, friends and supporters can move on.”

New Zealand Rugby Players’ Association CEO Rob Nichol said “We are pleased for Mils and his family that he has been fully vindicated and like most people reading this news, we question how this was handled by the Cardiff Police.

“The manner of his arrest, poor investigative process and nature of the charge resulted in unreasonable and unwarranted damage to Mil’s public reputation and caused extreme anguish and stress for Mils and those close to him.”

“While Mils may have legal avenues open to him should he choose to go down that path, you would like to think that someone in authority within Cardiff Police will be looking at the conduct of the staff involved in this matter.

Mils will not be commenting further.