Sevens Personal Development Manager

Auckland - Central Auckland

New Zealand Rugby and the New Zealand Rugby Players’ Association seek applicants for the full time position of Sevens Personal Development Manager (PDM).

This position is part of the New Zealand Rugby Personal Development Programme. The Programme’s focus is to support, guide and assist players in identifying and navigating their individual pathways to success, both on and off the field. It is designed to have an impact on players for life – during and after their rugby playing career. Key focus areas include career, education, personal planning (including financial), and transition management both into and out of the professional rugby environment.

Organisations and contractors are also invited to submit an application or proposal for this service delivery.

If you have any queries regarding the role, please contact Dave Gibson at the NZRPA on 09 630 3075.

Applications close on Tues 18th October

Job DescriptionJob-Description-QJ25837.pdf

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