Job Vacancies

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Photo: Trades are a popular career path for players.  

Finding your next career after rugby can be both exciting and challenging.  
In addition to the Personal Development Managers, who can help you navigate this space, the NZRPA has a Career Specialist, Fiona Brading, who can help you. Contact to arrange an appointment. These can be done from anywhere in the world via Zoom, WhatsApp, by phone or in person if you are near our Auckland office. 

We also have The Hub, which is a free online education tool where players can upskill in a variety of areas in their own time. If you require access to The Hub, please contact one of the following people:
Current players – contact your team's Personal Development Manager
Click here for the list of Personal Development Managers contact details
Overseas players – contact
Retired players – contact
or email

Here are some useful sites to find jobs: 



General work and income sites


Industry specific sites


Defence careers:

Horticulture industry:

Seasonal work:

Kiwifruit industry:

Primary industries (vineyards, forest, farms, orchards, marine):

Trade jobs: