David O Jones

Heimsath Alexander

I'm a practising commercial and sports lawyer. I act for sportsmen from many sporting disciplines but particularly rugby and America's Cup yachting. Having acted as a manager and agent for rugby players for over 14 years, I am able to provide a depth of advice - whether in contracts, salary negotiations or placement into clubs or provinces in New Zealand or overseas. I enjoy the relationship with players and particularly being able to assist in their professional development. Being a lawyer, I am able to offer add-on services in areas such as property purchases, family trust and business transactions. I charge fees for my work only on an agreed basis per job. I do not charge commissions against a player's salary.


Postal Address:
Level 1, Shed 22, Prince’s Wharf, 147 Quay Street, Auckland 1010

09 9290 500

021 630 815

David O Jones