How we operate

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Photo: Kieran Read shares his leadership experience with players as part of their personal development journey.

Developing people, developing players

We encourage and challenge professional players to be proactive about their development on and off the field; to think about their career prospects outside rugby; to put a strong financial plan in place and to take responsibility for self improvement. One of our goals is to help all players develop the skills needed to thrive as an individual and a player. Through our rugby network, we provide access to the necessary experience, knowledge and resources to help players achieve success in all aspects of life.

Planning a brighter future

Established in 2001, the Personal Development Programme is a nationwide venture between the NZRPA and the game’s administration to help prospective, current and past players fulfil their potential.

The programme offers players opportunities to access career and work-placement specialists, tertiary and trade education providers and work experience opportunities. The Personal Development Managers working within the programme also provide support and guidance in financial planning and asset protection, professional rugby education and awareness, and character development.

The next generation

With many players joining the paid ranks straight out of school, our Young Player Education Programme equips potential and developing professionals with the knowledge, advice and experience to make the step from being young adults to professional rugby players.

Working in partnership

Our Collective Agreement underpins professional rugby in New Zealand and our partnership with the game’s administration. It aligns the interest of the players and the administration and governs the players’ role and involvement in anything affecting them.

This includes commercial revenue-sharing arrangements; contracting and payment models; intellectual property rights and personal endorsements; rugby, community, charitable and commercial promotional activities; players’ standardised terms of employment; competition structures and eligibility rules; training and playing schedules; player development programme; savings schemes; leave; player assistance programme; misconduct and problem resolution processes and many other matters affecting players in their employment. It is through the NZRPA that the players’ individual and collective role within professional rugby is defined and activated.

We believe

We believe in our people, unity, camaraderie, honesty, success and contributing to a legacy in which players build for the future and reflect with pride. We believe working with New Zealand rugby stakeholders to create the best environment possible is key to talent development and retention, and to ensuring ongoing playing and commercial success.

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