Proposal for the adoption of the NZR Governance Review Recommendation

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Proposal for the adoption of the NZR Governance Review Recommendation

The NZRPA has not supported any of the proposals NZR or the Provincial Unions have made regarding NZR’s Governance Reform for the reasons the NZRPA have consistently highlighted.

In essence, the NZRPA believe they do not deliver on the Review Panels recommendations, do not address the fundamental issues highlighted within the report and do not ensure NZR’s constitution and governance structures will be fit for purpose moving forward.

The NZRPA have implored NZR to accept and support the Review Panel’s recommendations many times and have proposed we put in place transitional arrangements that give the voting Members the confidence they need at the outset, while also ensuring the delivery of the recommendations. The NZRPA have also proposed many times that we work together to achieve these ends. To date NZR has declined to do this.

As a result, we feel compelled to do what we believe NZR should have done many months ago – publicly support the Review Panel’s findings and fight for them in the court of public opinion. 

The NZRPA have developed a proposed way forward for the game in adopting the NZR Governance Review recommendations. The NZRPA have circulated this document to the voting Members and other key stakeholders, made it public, and will do whatever we can to see it supported and implemented. The NZRPA hope to secure NZR’s support and commitment in doing so.

You will note our proposal is anchored in adopting the Review Panel recommendations in full. 

In order to ensure a successful transition, the proposal proposes the formation of a multi-stakeholder Implementation Steering Group. This group will develop and oversee an Implementation Plan that will provide for the urgent adoption of the NZR Governance Review recommendations and subsequent changes to the NZR constitution through an appropriate sequence of NZR General Meetings subject to the following:

  1. The setting up of an interim Appointments Panel for two years, before it transitions to the Review Panel’s recommendation
  2. Introducing two additional principles to be captured within any NZR Board Competency Framework requiring the NZR to have expertise in tikanga and Te Ao Māori and strong relationships across Māori and Pasifika, and to include some directors who have a background in rugby in a governance or management role.
  3. The establishment of the Stakeholder Council at the outset, along with its proposed makeup
  4. The requirement for the existing NZR Board to stand down (with the option for individuals to reapply through the new process); and
  5. The withdrawal of any other proposals that do not comply with the Review Panel recommendations.

The proposal outlines the rationale behind each of the above aspects in detail. 

The proposal was developed in consultation with the Review Panel who have confirmed it complies with the NZR Governance Report’s recommendations, and that they are prepared to take up the responsibilities that the proposal asks of them.

Click here to view the NZRPA proposal for the adoption of the NZR Governance Review Recommendations document


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